On the eve of lunar new year…

It’s been awhile since my last entry.. Reason? As usual, swamped by life.

Work back in china was in a glorious mess of rush in Dec and early Jan, I was worried about my impending operation and everything else that was trying to drown me.

Now that I’m back in SG, surgery was successful (abeit leaving me a super ugly scar right across my neck) and I’ve been cleared of cancer. *woots* Things are finally settling down.

It’s been really one hell of a roller coaster ride in January 2014… I’ve learnt some precious (and painful) lessons, I’ve gone through surgery and finally gotten the results of the biopsy. I’ve been thoroughly entertained by the bimbs who didn’t care that I was semi conscious and just out of the op theatre. Key point was #selfies #bimbloves no matter! They were there beside me and they HAD to take a group pic with me.. Oxygen tube still attached. *chuckles* The BFF continues to snub me (where is the love?!?!), Ernest still loves me and Chloe took a picture with me willingly.. Smiling.

And I’ve surprised my sis with a new watch.. Just because.

Saw a post earlier on and was thinking.. How true it is!

‘It’s new year eve, choose what you wanna take with you into the new year.’

So I thought.. I’ve gone and made some resolutions earlier as we came to the end of 2013 but they were just random things I think I want to achieve, or rather.. I thought I really should get my ass moving in 2014.

But for this… What do I really wanna take with me into the new year? It’s not what I want to achieve…

I want to leave the rubbish where they belong (in the past). Take only the good, and focus on what really matters.

Just because…

Happy lunar new year 2014 everyone! 🙂


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